Standard Rates

Our standard rate is $35 per 15 minutes of service ($140 + GST per hour) for clients that host their websites with us.

It's important that we don't surprise you with invoices that you're not expecting so our team must adhere to the following rules:

  1. No additional chargeable work will be done without your approval.
  2. If we're not able to meet the hours that we've quoted for a specific task because of unforeseen circumstances then we'll halt work and liaise with you before proceeding.

Emergency Rates

Our emergency rate is $62.50 per 15 minutes of service ($250 + GST per hour) for clients that host their websites with us. Emergency means:

  • Work that needs to be done outside of our normal work hours 0f 8AM - 4.30PM week days.
  • Work that has to take precedence over time that has been scheduled for other client projects.


Our consultation rate is $125 per 15 minutes of service ($500 + GST per hour) for clients that don't use our content management system and host with us but require our expertise such as:

  1. Online business strategy and software development.
  2. Internet marketing strategy and development.
  3. Internet based systems design and development.

This type of consultation is best suited to companies wanting professional assessment and recommendations for their present Internet businesses or companies wanting to save time and money on Internet product development by utilising our expertise and internet business development experience.