• EU General Data Protection Regulation

    The new EU General Data Protection Regulations start on May 25th, 2018. If you collect data from customers in the EU you need to comply with the new regulations. If your website is with Spinning Planet here's the information you need to know from us:

    1. Website data of users such as submitted forms on your website is kept on Spinning Planet servers and is only accessible by your company and is never accessed by Spinning Planet staff unless you request us to help you with it.
    2. Your private client data is protected from hackers by our intrusion detection system that automatically blocks hackers trying to break into your website to access client data.
    3. If a client requests access to their data that they submitted to your website you can easily get it for them or delete it at their request. Contact Spinning Planet if you need help doing this.
    4. Your website only collects data from your customers to provide additional information to the person submitting their data. Customer data on your website with Spinning Planet is not correlated with any other data services such as CRM or marketing or shared with any third party.
    5. If you copy client data from your website to use in a CRM or marketing system then you must ask the customer first if you are permitted to use their data in this way. This is normally done as an "opt in" option when they submit a form on your website. 
    6. Your business should appoint a Data Protection Officer to ensure your customer information and processes adhere to GDPR.

    Further information on GDPR can be obtained from:

    Here's some quick tips on what you need to do to be compliant:

    If you're a Spinning Planet client and have any questions relating to your website and GDPR compliance then please feel free to contact us.

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