Additional Website Features

All Spinning Planet websites are built using the e107 open source content management system (CMS). This allows you to easily update your own website but it also allows us to "plug in" our custom built modules that add powerful E-Commerce and Internet Marketing features to your website.

E-CommerceImage Cross FadePromo BoxGallery/Portfolio
Form BuilderEvent CalendarNewsletter SystemBlog
Social Media Business PageGoogle LocationsProduct CatalogAdwords Campaign
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Custom Programming

E-Commerce Shopping Cart System

Our E-Commerce Shopping Cart system is a state-of-the art shopping cart system with all the features you need such as automatic shipping calculation through Fastway and Courier Post, multiple payment options including credit cards, special, vouchers, wholesale and much more. Since we've developed the system ourselves if you'd like additional features such as the ability to import all of your products from your own database we can quote for that too. More...

Cost: $2,100 + GST

Newsletter system

Image Cross Fade

It is quick and easy to upload new images to the Image Cross Fade, so your website can always stay looking fresh. This is also a great way to display your latest products, services or projects. You can even add a description to the image and link through to a page on your website.The Image Cross Fade adds movement and entertainment to your website allowing you to display multiple images on a page. An image cross fade transforms your website from a static image to a multi-image display.

Cost: $280 + GST

Image Cross Fade

Promo Box

Our Promo Box plugin is an excellent addition to your Home page. You add the text and photo for your promotion and our smart Promo Box plugin automatically formats it to look like a professional design and then animates it which draws your visitor's attention and encourages them to click it. This extremely powerful marketing tool not only helps you get more customers but it also saves you thousands of dollars that you'd normally pay a designer because the software automatically designs for you.

Cost: $560 + GST

Feature Box


A gallery allows you to easily upload and showcase images such as:
  • Products
  • A portfolio of work
  • Styles/Fashions
  • Projects from start to completion

Our online gallery allows you to create different categories of images to display. You can also add descriptions to the categories and to individual images which is great for search engine optimisation (SEO), and to provide your clients with more information about your products and services.

Many of our clients use the gallery as a portfolio of work, or to quickly and easily showcase the latest products they have on offer. Our gallery is used for many different websites including retail shops, trade services, electronics and not-for-profit/local government.

Cost: $560 + GST

Portfolio module

Form Builder

The form builder feature allows you to create custom forms for visitors to fill out online. The latest version of our form builder even lets you set up online payment for basic items. Common uses for the form builder feature are:
  • 'Get a quote' forms
  • Course sign ups
  • Online donations
  • Surveys
We will create 1 regular form for you.

Cost: $350 + GST

Optional Additional Costs:

  • Creation of additonal forms: $140
  • Payment merchant set-up: $140
Form Builder

Event Calendar

Do you hold frequent events that customers need to know about? An event calendar makes it easy for you and your customers to display upcoming events and let people know what’s happening. The event calendar can be used for:
  • Game dates and times
  • Community events
  • Business seminars and events

Cost: $560 + GST

Event Calendar

Newsletter System

Send to thousands of recipients. Create great looking email newsletters to send to your client database. Newsletters are a great marketing tool to remind people of your business and what you have to offer. Features of our newsletter system include:
  • Reader tracking
  • Link tracking
  • Hosting and backups of your email database and images
  • Real-time campaign reporting
  • Mailing groups
  • Complies with the New Zealand Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007

Cost: $559 + GST
Ongoing Cost: $49.95 p/m

Newsletter system


Blogs are a great way to show your expertise in what you do, or to let people know what is happening in your industry. Doing this provides another reason for people to revisit your website and be reminded of your services.The blog feature allows you and your members to post interesting articles and blogs on the website and you can choose to allow visitors to leave comments.

Cost: $280 + GST


Social Media Business Page

Social Media Business pages are an excellent way to drive qualified prospects to your website. We not only create the business pages for you but we also show you how to get the best out of Social Networking and how to post to your business page. More...

Cost: $280 + GST


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works to get your website found by people searching for your products and services online. Our SEO service includes:

  • Competitor identification and analysis.
  • Keywords analysis using Google Adwords Keyword Planner.
  • Add the best keywords to your META data and home page content so Google know's what words your site should get found for.
  • Setup of search engine friendly page names.
  • Optimisation of your website home page and images.
  • Submission of your business to Google My Business so you show up on Google Maps.
  • Manual submission of your website to Google.


Cost: $559 + GST

Google Locations

The Google Locations module is a great interactive way to illustrate the locations of different shops or services you have available using Google Maps. If you have a lot of different locations for shops/services these can be placed into catagories so website visitors can filter by category, or they can filter by location closest to them. Google Locations can be used for:

  • Different store locations
  • Distribution centres
  • Sales locations
  • Support services

Cost: $420 + GST

Product Catalog

The Product Catalog is similar to an online shop but without payment functionality. This is great for businesses that need to display their products like a shop, but don't want to sell them online. It gives website visitors the ability to view products available and then directs them to contact the business for more information. The Product Catalog is great for high priced items that consumers will want to see the selection and then go in store or find out more information before purchasing, or for items that cannot be shipped.

Cost: $1330 + GST

Adding Products:

  • Up to 10: $700
  • Up to 20: $1400
  • Up to 50: $3500
  • CSV Import: $1500

Google Adwords Campaign

We'll create a Google Adwords campaign to promote your website in search results which will significantly increase the amount of visitors to your website. On average, it will increase by 100 - 200 new visitors in the first month depending on your type of business. At the end of the first month we'll send you a report on how well the campaign is doing.


  • You can keep the campaign going as long as you like and pause it whenever you don't need it any longer.
  • You pay Google directly for Adwords advertising. There is no commission taken by Spinning Planet and you can reduce or increase the budget as you like.
  • We correlate your Adwords keywords with your SEO keywords which gets you a lot more clicks and costs less per click to Google.
  • Most Adwords re-sellers charge a monthly management fee which isn't needed because Adwords is automatic so we don't charge a monthly fee.
  • Most Adwords re-sellers bill you for the Adwords fee because they get a percentage of your spend from Google. This makes it in their interest for you to get clicks on words you don't need which doesn't benefit you. We help you setup your own Adwords account so you can pay Google directly.

Cost: $280 + GST

Google Adwords Budget:

  • You can set your own budget for advertising that you will pay directly to Google. We recommend that you start with a $100 budget.

If you'd like ongoing support/management of your Adwords campaign we charge $70 + GST for a 30 minute teleconference to analyse and improve your Adwords campaign.

Custom Programming

For clients that need custom features such as integrating with 3rd party website databases or creating additional functionality on their own website such as a quote calculator we can custom program this functionality for you as an additional module within our content management system. Here's some examples:

Please note. We only do custom programming for sites that are hosted with Spinning Planet and use our Content Management System. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Video Production

Need a great video for your website showcasing your business, processes or staff? Spinning Planet can create broadcast quality video including aerial shots using the latest drone technology like this or TV advertisements like this.

Cost: $560 + GST

Price starts at $560 for 2 hours of filming/travel and 2 hours of editing. We'd give you a quote first based on your needs.

Image Cross Fade