• How to add your work email to your Gmail

    I have some clients that primarily use Gmail but they also want to be able to access their business emails with us inside their Gmail account. Here's how to do it:

    1. Open your Settings in Gmail - click the little cog in the top right of Gmail then click Settings:
    2. Click "Accounts and Import" then "Add a mail account":
    3. Add your email address like this:
    4. Choose POP3 on the next screen:
    5. Add in the username and password sent to you by Spinning Planet and make sure the "POP Server" is
    6. On the next screen click "Yes, I want....":
    7. Add your name and tick "Treat as an alias":
    8. Now add your username and password for the outgoing SMTP server. Ensure that the "SMTP Server" is using port 465 and SSL:

    That's it. Now you can send and receive email from your business email address from inside your Gmail.

    brynn :-)

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