Web Hosting

Web Hosting Features
Web hostsSpinning Planet Pro HostingSparkTelstraEtheoryProDevGetNet
Annual domain name registration$41.40$39.95$54.00$0.00 (1)$0.00 (1)$0.00 (1)
Annual web hosting$450.00$119.40$479.40$360.00$600.00$400.00
Webspace (+)10,000MB200MB10MBUnknown75MBUnknown
Email accounts (+)101512UnlimitedUnknown
Open Source website system (2)tickcrosscrosscrosscrosscross
Database and PHP5tickcrossticktickticktick
Free HTTPStickcrosscrosscrosscrosscross
Free consultation meetings scheduled each yeartickcrosscrosscrosscrosscross
Own and manage their own web serverstickticktickcrosscrosscross

(1) Cost included in web hosting

(2) A content management system allows you to easily update your own website. However, if your content management system isn't Open Source then you may experience a number of problems such as:

  • You could be tied into using a proprietary product
  • If you wish to leave your web host you may lose some website functionality or may even have to totally rebuild your website
  • You may not be able to contract developers outside your web host to develop additional functionality for your website