• How to make money on YouTube for free

    How to make money on YouTube for free

    In this blog I'm going to show you how to make money on YouTube for free. All you need is a smart phone and time to learn some new skills. I think it's important that this tutorial is very basic and you don't spend any cash. That way, even if your YouTube channel doesn't make a lot of money you wouldn't have lost anything. Far from it, you would have gained a bunch of good new skills that you can use for the rest of your life.

    Please note:

    1. This blog is just a written overview of the process with additional links to other resources. However, there is a lot more information in the video tutorial where I explain each lesson in more detail. Both this Blog and my YouTube videos should be used together:
    2. You won't start making any money from YouTube until you get at least 2,000 followers. I'll show you how to do that later but first let's identify what you can make videos about.

    Lesson One: What videos can you make to put on YouTube?

    There's lot's of different types of videos on YouTube that get lots of views which equates to more followers and more revenue. Here's a few examples of YouTube genres:

    • Vlogging 
    • Unboxing
    • Reviews
    • Video Gaming
    • Tutorials
    • Musical Performances
    • Cooking
    • Travelling
    • Education
    • Comedy
    • Lifestyle Advice
    • Animation
    • News
    • Dogs, Cats and More
    • Beauty Tutorials

    You can find out more about the genres listed above here ( but throughout this tutorial I'll be using the "Tutorials" genre as my example because I've been making tutorials for over 20 years. Let's get started:

    1. Write down as many video tutorial ideas as you can that you think others might be interested in watching such as:
      • Your favourite dinner recipe
      • Your favourite BBQ recipe
      • A review of your favourite cooking utensil
      • Ways that you save time
      • How you reduce your workload
      • Your top business tips
      • How to search more precisely on Google
      • How you use software such as MS Word or Pro Tools
      • When and where you like to travel and why
      • How you repair stuff
      • How you save money
      • What natural supplements you take and why
      • How you interpret truth in politicians, friends, or even television
      • How you use makeup
      • Your top tips for personal grooming
      • How to groom a dog
      • How you find things on the web
      • How to keep flies away from your house
      • Your top 5 favourite websites
      • How and when to do gardening
      • How to compost
      • How to take photos
      • How to maintain a lawn mower
      • How to maintain your car
      • How to get to the next level in a game
      • How to play a song on guitar
      • How to organise your music
      • Your favourite locations in your town
      • Who you follow on YouTube and why
      • Show 5 new products on Aliexpress or Amazon
      • Ask a friend if you can video them making something for you channel
      • How to configure your smart phone
      • Your top 3 favourite smart phone apps and why
      • Your top 5 favourite books and why
      • How to make Home Brew
      • How to teach your child to ride a bike
      • Your top 5 cleaning tricks
      • Your top 3 pranks you can play on your friends without killing them

        Do you have any more ideas for tutorial videos that I could add to this list? If yes, please make a comment on the YouTube video here: 

    2. Choose 6 video tutorial ideas that you could explain in under 5 minutes and give them Titles that would make people want to watch them such as:
      • Instead of "My Lasagne Recipe" use something like "5 Minute Lasagne - Low Carb and Delicious"
      • Instead of "How to maintain your car" use "Car Maintenance Tips: Top 8 Easy Ways To Prevent Costly Repairs"
      • Instead of "How to save time" use something like "12 Smart Habits That Will Save You Time"

        To get ideas of how to improve your Titles just search for your Title on YouTube and see what your competitors are using as Titles. It's really important to have a Title that captures the viewer and makes them want to watch your video. Another important factor are the keywords you use in your Title. For example, if I was searching for "Car Maintenance Tips" on YouTube it's probable that "Car Maintenance Tips: Top 8 Easy Ways To Prevent Costly Repairs" would show up because it uses all the words I used in my search query.

    3. Write descriptions for each of your video ideas. The description should also have keywords in it that will help people find your video. I've bolded the keywords that people are likely to search for in YouTube to find a video on "car maintenance tips":

      "Car Maintenance Tips: Here are 8 preventative vehicle maintenance tips to help prevent costly car repairs! If you want your car to serve you longer and save money on car service and maintenance, pay attention to these simple yet really important rules. Experts recommend a few things to keep in mind and a few common mistakes to avoid to make your car last longer. If you stick around till the end of the video, we’ll tell you how you can fix a cracked windshield with garlic and much more."

      If you'd like suggestions on what keywords to use and even see how many searches they are getting per month try this website:

    Lesson Two: Plan and Record your Video Tutorials

    View this tutorial that shows you how to do this: an-instructional-video-with-your-smartphone

    Once you've made your 6 videos and uploaded them to your YouTube channel, start Lesson 3.

    Lesson 3: Promote your videos and gain new followers

    Now that all of your videos are on YouTube you're ready to start promoting them so you can get more followers. Remember, your goal is to get 2,000 followers so you can monetise your YouTube channel and start getting paid for Ads being shown in your videos.


    1. Create a Facebook Page. The reason we do this is because there are additional features for Pages that individual users don't have such as multiple Administrators and scheduled posts. Click here to see how to create a Facebook page in less than 2 minutes:
    2. Schedule posts of your YouTube videos in Facebook. Click here to see how to schedule posts:
    3. When your posts show, make sure to share the posts with all of your friends and family so they will like them and hopefully get more people liking your YouTube channel.

    Other social media

    Depending where you are in the World, some social media are more prominent than others. For example, VK is more prominent than Facebook in Russia. You want as many people as possible clicking through your YouTube videos so they have the options to Like and Follow your page.

    More ways to market yourself for free coming soon...

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